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Random things I draw~ o u o


Some study/practises I did. I used photoreference, from photos online, and own no right to them =w=;

Anyway they’re still unfinished but I don’t think I’ll be finishing them :D Just wanted to post something here that isn’t anime/manga category =w=

A sketch of maybe a possible adopt desing~ ouo

Work in progress… Maybe someday I’ll finish this..

Anyway trying to draw an Elin from Tera~ x’D

Old drawing I found while going throught piles and piles of paper =w=;
I might continue this some day on the pc.. Thats why posting it here to remind myself xD


Just felt like drawing something cute~ ouo;

A commission I did ouo;

Characters are from Uta no prince-sama~ 

Chibi sketch of my OC Jeremy~ ouo

Every now and then, I have days like this.. But they usually go away after a good nights sleep.

Few pencil sketches I did on paper~ Poor quality because I took a picture with my phone =w=;

A fast sketch of Korra~ I noticed a new season started, got to love all them bending animations, the fight scenes look so good >u<